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  Live Music.  Local Fare.  Libations.

The Encounter

What is the Fennec?

The fennec fox is a small desert-dwelling fox with a big personality, and the inspiration behind our name. A creature of the evening, the fennec enjoys a lively social life after the sun goes down. Its large ears, evolved for listening for sounds in the sand, have a new purpose—taking in the unparalleled sound quality only heard at The Fennec. This breed of fox is rare to encounter in the wild, just as The Fennec itself is an uncommon experience, a one-of-its-kind oasis in Birmingham. With nightly live music, an intimate stage setting, a well-crafted menu, a chic cocktail lounge, and even an elegant event space, there really is nothing else like The Fennec.

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Live Music

An unparalleled sound experience on a state-of-the-art stage. Come together with your fellow ramblers in a one-of-its-kind venue to see your favorite acts live at The Fennec.


Food & Drink

A menu concepted and executed by award-winning chefs. A stylish cocktail bar with hand-crafted libations. Eat and drink like nowhere else at The Fennec and Foxhole Lounge.


Event Space

Take things upstairs for all of your special celebrations. The cozy Cypress is great for intimate events, and The Social at the Fennec is the perfect place for weddings, large meetings, and more.

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Foreground Bridge

A place where roamers and ramblers can come together.

Upcoming Shows