Dessert at The Fennec

Our menu at The Fennec is quite delicious. We’ve perfected our entrees, appetizers, and specialty cocktails, but we have become especially proud of our new dessert menu. Each of our desserts are homemade and any of them would sweetly cap off of your dining experience at The Fennec!

We have a spectacular Berry Tartlet that is served in a flakey buttery dough accompanied by house-made whipped cream. This sweet treat leaves a delicious fruity aftertaste in your mouth and ends your meal on a high note. 

Our Bourbon Pecan Pie is genuinely one of our favorite ways to end a dinner. It is sweet and savory as hot toasted pecans can be found throughout this sweet treat. 

A classic chocolate ice cream dessert is absolutely a fan favorite, and so we decided to add our homemade dark chocolate ice cream to the menu! This serving has a few scoops, served with a wafer cookie and raspberry drizzle.

Last, but definitely not least, the White Chocolate Pot de Creme is stunning. It is a perfect finishing bite and comes served with a spicy cherry compote. We recommend this sugary dessert after any of our hearty meals, as it just sits so well on the stomach!

Come try and of these fantastic and unique desserts at The Fennec!