Healthy Menu Options at the Fennec

Our new menu has an incredible selection of delicious options. These changes include some exciting healthy options. These options are just delectable! If you have a preferred diet, and are looking for a high end meal that allows you to follow that diet- The Fennec has got you covered. 

One example of our healthy appetizers is the Kimchi Brussels. These brussels are marinated the day before in a homemade Fennec kimchi brine. These brussels are then sautéed and finished with a kimchi sauce. This opener is fantastic and opens the palette just right!

Our next course comes with multiple different options for salads. We have our own special Fennec salad. The salad is full of tender greens, red onions, cherry tomatoes, pickled veggies, goat cheese, with multiple different options for dressings! This includes an interesting strawberry vinaigrette that is definitely worth trying!

The healthy main course option is our amazing Atlantic Salmon! This entrée is a 7 oz. salmon with a side of rice pilaf and seasonal vegetables. This salmon is prepared the way that you prefer, blackened or grilled. This meal will leave you stuffed and satisfied!

Stop by as soon as you can and try out any of these new options! They were made specifically with our customers in mind who have food preferences, and we’d love to accommodate any of these preferences.